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Portable Fuel Polishing

ASA offers industrial diesel fuel polishing systems for power-sensitive facilities including data centers, telecommunications, hospitals, financial centers, universities, prisons, pumping stations and anywhere a standby generator is used. Our easy-to-use systems allow in-house maintenance people to polish, dispense and transfer stored diesel fuel.

3-in-1 Diesel Fuel Service Cart

Actual before and after test samples,
Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard Coastal Patrol Vessel

A portable system that efficiently removes water and bacterial growth from diesel fuel, reducing the possibility of engine or fuel system damage.

The 3-in-1 system:

  1. Polishes the storage tank.
    Fuel stored more than 3 months begins to degrade
  2. Polishes when dispensing.
    Transfer clean fuel when delivering from unreliable sources
  3. Polishes the engine tank.
    Equipment is ready when unused for a period of time

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I have had fantastic success with the Diesel Service Cart. After recently discovering one of our 1500-gallon tanks was in trouble and having never done this before, it took a few minutes to get the hang of things. It was capable of removing two inches of algae-laden water and restored the fuel to pristine condition.

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