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EPA COMPLIANCE - Imbiber Beads® ASA got our wastewater contamination down from 226 ppm to 21 ppm, a 91% reduction.

Whether a catastrophic oil spill, inland train spills, industrial leaks, storm water pollution, storage tank leaks or any number of other environmental crises the damage occurring to the planet daily caused by any number of hydrocarbons is unprecedented.
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Benefits of IMBIBER BEADS® aBsorption products:

  • IMBIBER BEADS® absorb organic chemicals, which means the liquid becomes part of the BEADS® and cannot be re-released. All other products on the market are aDsorbents, meaning they are essentially sponges which can lose their capture from both gravity and “squeezing.”
  • Unlike thickeners/solidifiers which turn to a viscoelastic material when mixed at a greater than one-to-one volume with any liquid, IMBIBER BEADS® will never “go into” any solution because they are a lightly cross-linked synthetic polymer bead – meaning they are not capable of getting any larger than three times their original diameter, and thus cannot dissolve.
  • IMBIBER BEADS® are hydrophobic, which guarantees the entire absorption capacity of each IMBIBER BEAD® is reserved for organic pollutants. Aqueous-based liquids will be ignored.
  • Depending on the viscosity of the liquid being aBsorbed, each bead has the ability to swell up to three times its original diameter and up to 27 times its original volume.
  • Vapors released by the liquid can be reduced up to 600% when aBsorbed by IMBIBER BEADS®, which means workers addressing the spill are much safer from both combustion as well as toxic fumes.

Applications for IMBIBER BEAD®-based products:

IMBIBER BEADS® - Spill Response Products

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